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1.  KQED Spark! will broadcast a segment on the klezmer revival in the Bay Area, featuring the Red Hot Chachkas.  On channel 9 , 7:30 pm Wednesday, June 27, plus repeat 11:30 pm Friday June 29 & other dates on KQED Encore & Life channels.

2.  Thanks to everyone on the Klezmer on the Bay cruise.  It looked like you all were having as good a time as we did.

3.  Thanks for all of your support last year by voting us the Bay Area's Best Klezmer Band in the j.  (Jewish News Weekly of Northern California ). It sure did help us get some great gigs and exposure!  This year's voting is now open at (hint, hint).

4.  We've finished recording our new CD, tentatively titled The Red Hot Chachkas -- Spice It Up! , with lots of original compositions and unusual tunes that send us in new directions.   It should be available by the  end of summer.