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How do you spell Hanukah? Let me count the ways.

The Hardly Strictly Klezmer show is the highlight of each year's Hanukah season for us. With four stellar but very different acts, this will be a mini-festival! Then, two days later, the Chachkas will play a full concert in the South Bay.

Thursday December 18 at 8pm
"Hardly Strictly Klezmer" Annual Concert
Red Hot Chachkas
Incognito Express (a new band featuring Darren Johnston, Greg Masaki Jenkins, Dan Cantrell, Andrew Cohen, & Marco Peris), Jeremiah Lockwood (of The Sway Machinery), Stephen Saxon & Gordon Lustig
Freight & Salvage, Berkeley

Saturday December 20 at 8pm
Evenings of Cultural Arts Series

Sunnyvale Theatre
550 E. Remington Drive, Sunnyvale  — MAP
Box Office: (408) 733-6611


This newsletter has a different focus. Instead of being only informational, I thought you might want to know a little bit more about who we are and our musical adventures.

New Band Photos
Fletcher Oakes, clarinetist Barb's husband, took some new band photos recently:

Bat Mitzvah highlights

The Chachkas just played a wonderful Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-el in San Francisco. All six of us were there, plus Bruce Bierman as dance leader. A great time was had by all, the client was very nice, and great food by Delicious Catering of Marin. Bruce did a wonderful job getting everyone up dancing to klezmer tunes as well as waltzes, swing, and anything folks asked for. It was wonderful to have the whole band playing. As the manager and band leader, I was very relaxed and enjoyed myself, though pretty tired by the end of the evening.

Know a private party that needs some fun, joyful and exciting music? Give us a call at (new number) 415-717-9606.

Prelude to Healing

For those who want to know where Julie Egger’s music is going, a new business called Prelude to Healing. The mission statement:

Music is a pathway to the heart and to becoming a whole and healthy person, whether playing or listening, the sound waves, and the intention of the music can bring healing and a healthiness that cannot be accomplished with any other form of healing. With the intention of musicians, the receptiveness of the client, the healing process occurs that is longtime binding. The objective of “Prelude to Healing” is to bring healing music to those in need of healing, in hospitals, senior centers, children's centers individuals, etc.

Artists for Peace

Helen Webber, a dynamic artist of 85 years, has begun this project. Her mission is to create an installation of visual art, sculpture, architect, music, movement, etc. to promote peace. This will be an educational movable installation. It will be a long time project and grow as more artists become involved. Julie Egger will be the music director.


Roots Music

Roots Music is an organization in Marin that has classes in many folk genres. Julie Egger will be teaching Klezmer and improvisation.


Red Hot Chachkas public performances:

Monday July 21, 6-8pm and

Monday August 18, 6-8pm

"Klezmer Mondays" at

Saul's Deli, Berkeley


Thursday December 18 at 8pm

"Hardly Strictly Klezmer"

Annual Concert at Freight & Salvage, Berkeley


Saturday December 20 at 8pm

Evenings of Cultural Arts Series

Sunnyvale Theatre


Just a quick heads-up about some upcoming public appearances:
  • Monday April 7, 6-8pm "Klezmer Mondays" with Julie Egger, Barbara Speed, Aharon Wheels Bolsta, & Tony Phillips at Saul's Deli, Berkeley (Shattuck Ave. near Vine)
  • Sunday April 20, 7pm Concert at Schultz Cultural Arts Hall, Oshman Family JCC Palo Alto. INFO
  • And mark your calendars with the next "Hardly Strictly Klezmer" extravaganza at the Freight & Salvage, Berkeley
    , on Thursday December 18.